Alumni Testimonials – What A Montessori Education Means To Our Graduates

See what our alumni have to say about their experience at Tempe Montessori School.

“I attended Tempe Montessori in preschool and kindergarten as well as second and third grade. In addition to being the source of many fond childhood memories, Tempe Montessori laid the foundation of working in groups and problem solving that has served me very well throughout my life. The method of facilitating a child’s natural inclination to explore and understand the world around them that characterizes the Montessori approach has given me the insight to ask pertinent questions of my surroundings and the ability to discover the answers even today in my career as a surgeon. The math, science, and language benefits of my education at Tempe Montessori were apparent to me soon after starting middle school, and have continued through my surgery residency. However, more important, was the seamless integration of multiple cultures that occurred at Tempe Montessori. I learned to work well with students and teachers from many other backgrounds before I was even old enough to recognize our differences.  In my current job where a routine day consists of working with professionals and patients from multiple different continents, I readily recognize the social skills Tempe Montessori imparted to me so many years ago.” James Bogert

“Dear Mrs. Irma, The Montessori experience has been wonderful. Victoria is excited about learning and I am excited to see her develop. I am thrilled each time she asks to help or asks me an interesting question. I can not express my gratitude for all the support you have provided our family…I appreciate you so very, very much. She has continued to thrive because of your program.” Amanda and Victoria 1997

“TMS Staff and Kids, Thank you so much for the last two years of guidance and encouragement. I have grown both professionally and personally. I cant tell you how much I appreciated the party and the gifts, Thank you.” Jessica Turney- Smith

“Irma- I want to share with you once again my deep appreciation and respect for your “labor of love” with both Jennifer and Jeffrey. Yesterdays graduation surprised me- I was close to tears. I believe running through my mind during the graduation ceremony, “Between the dark and the day light, when the night is beginning to lower, comes a pause in the day’s occupations that is known as the children’s hour.” You’ve given our family a 10 year “Children’s Hour,” a precious time that has enriched my life and the lives of Jen and Jeff. Irma- you touch all the lives that you come in touch with, and we’re all better for that contact.” Greg

Danny -“This is the smallest school for big brains.”

“Dear Irma, I entered your school June 1985, I blinked my eyes and we are leaving in May 1996. These were fantastic elementary years. Thank you for touching our lives.” Mary